Exclusive SPA center in the vicinity of Opole.

All our guests are provided with free unlimited access to our spa zone at the price of accommodation.

Opening hours: 16:00 - 22:00

People who do not use accommodation at the Zacisze Hotel are also invited to our SPA. You can relax and relax after the hardships of everyday life. We offer a package of services covering a 3 -hour stay in a SPA for PLN 50 per person. In the package you receive full access to:

dry sauna
salt caves


What are the benefits of the sauna?

The sauna mainly affects our cardiovascular system, roser blood vessels, increases blood flow rate, accelerates the heart by about 50%. The sauna also causes sweating of the body, which makes our orgasiness get rid of toxins. Heating also causes muscle relaxation and improves joint mobility.

Studies indicate that staying in the sauna causes:

Increase in respiratory efficiency
Stimulation of the immune system
Mental relaxation
Cleaning the skin
stimulation of heart and circulatory system
stimulating the endocrine glands


The basic health benefits that a bath in the jacuzzi gives are:

Substantial relief - hydrotherapy in hand with heat therapy and immersion in water allow you to alleviate tension and remove muscle stiffness. They make the blood start to circulate more freely.

Religious pain and fibromyalgia - in the bathtub you can feel like in a professional massage salon, feel a significant relief in the states of chronic rheumatism and joint pain.

Sleep improvement - heat reduces internal body temperature, allowing for natural relaxation, which leads to rest and relaxation of the body. Only a few minutes of bathing in a warm bathtub, as a result, gives a more relaxed and healthy sleep.

It is also recommended by doctors as a form of treatment of pain, stiffness of joints and muscles, rheumatism, diabetes and other diseases.

Solna Cave
Solna Cave

It is enough for 45 minutes in the Solna Cave that health benefits are comparable to the effects of a few days stay at the sea!

If you feel the need to strengthen your body's immunity, a session in a salt cave is a great idea. A visit to the salt chamber is also indicated for some diseases, such as respiratory tract diseases, hypothyroidism, sinusitis, insomnia, neurosis, allergies, nervous system diseases and cardiovascular system."